Water Heaters of Lochinvar


The history of lochinvar water heaters dates back to the year of 1919 when the founder of the company entered in the business of water heaters. In his early career, he was responsible for the research and development of the world’s first fired water heater. On 16th May, 1946, he founded the Walter Vallett Company and was responsible for the research and development of several products of the company which includes various ranges of water heaters and boilers. In 1970s, the company’s headquarter was shifted from Detroit to Nashville, Tennessee, USA which also serves as the company’s headquarters. From the small beginning, the operation of the company has expanded worldwide.

Due to its emphasis on research and development, the company regular launches new products in water heaters and boilers which are highly efficient for utilizing energy and have lot of customer friendly features.

Different models of water heaters

The company has many different models in lochinvar water heaters all of them are highly efficient and have customer friendly features. The customer can choose and buy the models according to his/ her taste and affordability.

Ecoshield – Available in 5 different models, it is range which has fully condensing gas fired water heaters. The recovery of hot water in these models is between 709 to 2436 liters per hour which is based upon an increase in temperature by 50°C.

Ecoforce – This range is available in 8 different models, which can be defined as fully condensing gas fired water heaters. The 3 models of this range have integral storage and 5 other models have external storage. The output of these models is between 632 to 2992 liters per hour depending upon the increase of temperature by 50°C. This is one of the best selling models of lochinvar water heaters.

Ecoknight – This product range is available in 8 different models. This range consists of gas fired condensing Water heaters which are standing on floor and can be used with external storage. The output range for these models is 709-3819 liters per hour which depends upon the increase of the temperature by 50°C.

The lochinwar water heaters are the product line which is launched by Lochinvar Corporation based at Nashville, Tennesse, USA from where the worldwide business is covered by the company. The history of Lochinvar Corporation goes back to 1919. As the research and development was given the top priority by the Corporation from the start, the product line of the company in the field of water heaters and boilers has always been very impressive. Lochinvar Water Heaters Corporation’s products have garnered much goodwill over the years and due to it, is one of the world leaders in the field of boilers and water heaters. Presently, the distribution network of the lochinvar water heaters has spread through Asia, Europe, Australia and Middle East apart from US.

The Lochinvar Water Heaters are one of the best product lines of Lochinvar Corporation which is one of the world leaders in the field of water heater business. The head office of Lochinvar Corporation is based at Nashville, Tennesse, USA from where they control the business operations worldwide.

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